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    Selling 235M osrs. Looking to sell all in one go or 100M minimum. We can discuss rate, will however not tolerate lowballing. Obv not going first to randoms/sub 200 feedback
  2. 67-99 magic with all supplies provided by me. Lunars unlocked (has to be 0 hp xp method). Looking for your cheapest qoute, not looking to pay over 10 gp/xp
  3. ikos9

    67-99 magic

    Need your cheapest quote on 67-99 magic with string jewelry or alching or another method of preference (has to be 0 hp xp method) Not paying over 10 gp/xp Non-trusted users will require a deposit of materials + MM cash for the service. Won't pay upfront no matter what
  4. Looking for all in 1 go sorry and not the rate I wish to purchase at. Thanks though
  5. Buying 300M 07 gold paying with cryptocurrency - BTC or anything you want. Looking for the cheapest quote!
  6. Buying 200M 07, PM me or quote me here. I pay fees (friends and family)
  7. ikos9


    Buying 200M PP. PM discord
  8. ikos9


    Thanks I’ve found someone to do it. Can be closed
  9. ikos9


    I have an order for someone who is willing to commit to a long project. It’s blast furnace pumping 7.8M Strength xp (90-99) it’s about 10-12k xp an hour and is extremely afk as you know (prefer people WHO knows how to manage a pump service) Order has to be finished 15th of June it’s about 3-4 months with 5 hour average gametime (a few clicks a day though) Much shorter if you pump for longer Per day obviously Need someone to lay out a plan How they’re planning to do it And no, not paying “Big” despite the long time period simply because it requires almost no effort to do PM me or reply here quoting me also, obviously won’t be paying upfront - payment will be made through a mutual agreed trusted MM (I pay fees)
  10. ikos9

    Torso and void

    Need cheapest quote on torso + 1050 pts void in intermediate boat Can't take longer than 4 days or refund I won't go first unless trusted
  11. ikos9

    Barrow gloves

    From scratch on a level 3 that is bonded. Cannot go over 50 attack, 15/16prayer and 42 defense. Needs to have all quest reqs for MM II done in the questing + (done lunar diplomacy). People are asking me with the MM II - it's literally 2 quests that are not in an original b gloves package and those are 2 easy quests (Eyes of Glouphrie and Enlightened Journey) All other quests for MM II are included in a bgloves package anyways - so no extra pricing for this request. Price and time quote (Don't post or PM me with ridiculous pricings, I'm not a degenerate as some of you have implied with the pricing in the PMs)
  12. Thanks for the quotes, but I have offers below 30 gp/xp
  13. Need someone WHO knows how to efficiently pump deal with crashers etc to do a long pump order (4.7M xp) price and time quote here or PM (or send discord)
  14. ikos9


    Want to buy 30-60M PayPal post Discord below or PM
  15. ikos9


    Need someone efficient to level my range (and slayer to 40-69)from 85-93 through strict use of cannoning. NO hp xp to be gained or service is terminated with no refund. Cannoning is done through slayer tasks only. Need it done within 7 days (strict deadline) I will supply all supplies. (In increments)
  16. ikos9


    Do any 1 offer blast furnace pumping services that can pump for 10+ hours with no use of bots? I need 300k str xp done and a time+price qoute on that
  17. ikos9


    Need these quests done on my zerker. Minimal hp xp to be gained if doing combat in a quest - as I don’t want xp in hitpoints if possible. Also why I need these quests done as they all (except the last 3 listed which are for strengt xp - not a lamp reward) give lamps/xp rewards and they are ALL to be used on ATTACK. I’ve calculated the amount of xp to be around ~100K Account has all the stats/pre-quest done for the quests listed below: Account is 45 defence and 31 prayer and must NOT exceed this (or acc value+service to be refunded) Client of kourend X marks the spot A tail of two cats Darkness of hallowale A taste of hope Contact! The Fremenik isles One small favour Tai Bwo Wannai trio Troll Romance Scorpion catcher Haunted mine Need a qoute on time (important as I need heavy priority and it being done fast) and price
  18. ikos9

    B gloves questing

    Tf is going on I’ve found someone tho
  19. Need b gloves on my 50 atk gmauler. Cannot exceed 16 pray (will have to do 1 pray quest that gives 1k pray xp putting it at 16 - CANNOT GO OVER! or full refund + acc value is to be refunded) Account has ALL stats for ALL pre-quests and RFD itself. Account already has 55 QP and done DT and more 'annoying' quests Account has 84 range, 84 mage, 76 str and 65+ hp Will provide money for supplies Looking for cheapest and fastest qoutes, no ridiculous prices. Will have to follow this quest guide and complete all listed on this guide; which will, if followed, get you b gloves. (Need those specific quests done - has ALL stats done for them). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LlJm9u5JmALSNj4WcNWz4QBK3hILAXF2L-8J1He58AM/edit#gid=0 Completed quests: Quote me prices or PM.
  20. ikos9


    Buying 50M 0.5 PP Discord PM or down below
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