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The Hero of Time

Back to windows 7 :(

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i was going to put windows 8.1 on one of my systems, might not now sad.png



tbh i think my windows 8.1 freezes because of my drivers and hardware, yours are different so you should definility give it a try

I cry when my clients call in with Win8.


A 90 year old woman knew more about Win8 than I do. LOL!

then you don't know anything about windows lmao.. its basically the same as win7 

You did the right thing smile.png

Win7 is the most stable OS since XP

That's a joke.... windows 8.1 boots in like 5-10 seconds(windows 7 in 2-3 minutes(my pc)) and there are many people without problems.. it's also much smoother and looks better

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