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Hey everyone I have a 1 major goal at the moment and that is to make 5k usd in 761 days for my wedding and knowing the type of person I am i need to write it down somewhere and log my progress

Iv talked to very few people over discord so some of yall might know me but i go by twobellies

I will be documenting my process till my goal is reached and in the event i surpass my goal before the day is reached I will also document how much i earn till then

I have been botting on and off for a while but mostly to just supply my main with gold to buy membership so i know it can be profitable I like many of yall have lost countless bots but it was mostly by trial and error and finding what works and doesnt work for me but im still no where near the level of knowledge that yall are at yet.

I will document how much i have spent and how much I earned and if someone can tell me where I can keep a thread active like that I will move my progress there thanks in advance

So at the moment I have @Not A Bot Bot manager Im using it to create the accounts (mostly because i havent actually set up tasks) this alone was 200$

as for my scripts (so far all have worked out amazing from me but i still need  to learn to slow my roll and stop yoloing are

@Token stealth quester at first i thought hey let me just que every single quest and do them in one day and quickly learned not to do that so in the future i will bot maybe one quest a day see how that goes and when i start getting some starter cash start and expanding my knowledge i will move on to 2 quests lol this has costed me 24.99

I own alot of @Khaleesiscripts i have agility pestcontrol, runecrafter, wintertodt, motherload, woodcutte,r and ogers i have to admit i love them all i have gotten a bit of accounts to have full gracefull or just 99s in skills with those alone Im not sure exactly how much i have spent here because some of these were with OSRS gp and the value has changed but going with there current value its roughly 60$ USD

I also own @Chris legendary lava dragons and man i love this script I have gotten a few accounts from 1-65 magic for free with his script this costed 11.99

I own both script factory and the expansion by @ProjectPact costing me 50$

So at the start of my journey I am already at -350$

right now my goal is to create 24 barrows ready accounts and buy a private script( really this is the only boss i know, and i know no one will give me there farms but if you think this is a bad idea let me know!!) and with these accounts only bot 1 hour a day in hopes the accounts last as long as possible

at the moment i do not plan on botting in PTP because funds are low at the moment so what i will probably do is try and bot FTP Combat and if they can last till 50-60 combat skills then bond them and go from there (will look for someone who can make me a private script on this if yall know anyone that will help me let me know)

I have many questions because I plan to take this seriously so it can pay for my wedding so if yall can link me to articles that might help me please let me know! if you have any recommendations or thoughts on proxys or if ishould be using a VPS  that would be great

For those of you who help me in my journey and help me stay motivated I wont be able to thank yall enough maybe if i exceed my goal ill gift the ones who helped me the most  some money! or a portion of my profits on my future botting endeavors




I have manually played 10 accounts at the same time on my home IP all accounts have done TUT manually and have rested from 3 days to 16 days tomorrow i plan on starting there botting and who ever survives to 50/50/50 combat will be bonded and turned into NMZ accounts I plan to make a VM and buy some Proxys im not sure yet to do 1/1 or 1/2 on proxys yet

I will have 5 running the Hill Giants script provided by NotaBots Botting manager. I plan to have these with 45-1hr of botting with 2-6 hours of breaking

and i will do another 5 with Strange main maker provided by strange and scriptfactory expansion  with these accounts he recommends lots of breaks so i might do 30 mins of botting with 1-3 hour breaks

All accounts will be done in mirror mode While these are botting I might hand play another 10 accounts that i have had resting for 3-16 days to quickly replace any accounts that get banned but i will need to see first how my computer handles a VM running 10 Mirror modes like always if yall recommend anything let me know!

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update on progress
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2 minutes ago, skillerkidos1 said:

you need to make $6.50 a day?
Just get a graphics card and mine some btc lmao will make more than that

na i dont really need to make that i have the wedding paid for already but an extra 5k for the wedding would  be amazing and it would be a proof of concept that for new people it is possible that this can be a side income


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