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Ban rates recently

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  • Your actions are bot like
  • Players are manually reporting you
  • The scripts you are using are either know and the data they give off is getting your accounts flagged
  • The script activity has a higher ban rate
  • Your botting too much on the account 
  • You're not deleting the random.dat file (I don't know how beneficial this is)
  • You're not using mirror mode? (I personally don't use this)
  • Your account is still in a threshold that could get you flagged (with this I mean 1200 is still relatively low, so a 1200 isn't a safe variable to determine the likelihood of the account being flagged)
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26 minutes ago, StarCraftSniper said:

Yeah steam release for sure.
I think I will dial back until things die down.

Just sucks I bought mollys hobgoblin script and now i am wasting it since for w/e reason "Molly" wants to charge monthly sub.

Why didn't you just get an AIO fighter then lol

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Strangely I only get 2 day bans whenever one bot gets banned only perm ban whenever one bot gets caught twice (usually many days in between).
Thought that they reduced the amount of bans since stream was a failure and are losing loyal players so my conclusion was that they just started to 2 day ban as a warning but don't want to lose my membership revenue on my bots,
But I guess that I am wrong since some of you are still getting instant perm? do you check your ban logs after getting banned? Maybe its a 2 day but you think your account is perm banned

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I have a method of botting where I used to be able to bot 18+ hours per day, and just last night 2 of my accounts got hit with a temp ban. First time it's happened with this method.

My guess is they've changed the sensitivity of their bot detection parameters in preparation for the steam launch and are issuing temp bans just in case they accidentally ban real players.

Ban rates should hopefully be back to normal soon.

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5 hours ago, DioBrando said:

Yeah, Theres a huge spike. Decided to let things cool off before starting back up again. It wont last long maybe another month max after that it'll be back to normal. They don't get paid enough to be that hard on bots lol

This attitude is why botting hasn't been innovated in years.

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