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  1. The mule never traded the bots & the account is cb 80+ haven't played on it for I think 2 years now only use it to mule from time to time ( got many mules) checked all my bots only 1 out of 60 got a ban (previous ban before this one was on 21 April) + I always mule with accounts in between that did not get banned. but my guess is as good as yours.
  2. as mentioned above, I can only speculate of course. It could very well be that I sold gold shortly before or after a obvious gold farmer sold off to the same buyer & maybe jagex thought that my mule was part of his farm
  3. only says gold farming no specifics. maybe it was just a good guess & I traded the wrong buyer ( well know website ) that uses the same mules for months
  4. What was interested to see is that they specifically mentioned how I gained the gold. I never directly traded from my bots to sell mule & the accounts in between are not banned. Just thought that it was worth posting since these kind of bans are so rare
  5. You can only get covid from getting bitten by someone who has it and, no one is going to bite me so NO I wont get the vaccine.
  6. Strangely I only get 2 day bans whenever one bot gets banned only perm ban whenever one bot gets caught twice (usually many days in between). Thought that they reduced the amount of bans since stream was a failure and are losing loyal players so my conclusion was that they just started to 2 day ban as a warning but don't want to lose my membership revenue on my bots, But I guess that I am wrong since some of you are still getting instant perm? do you check your ban logs after getting banned? Maybe its a 2 day but you think your account is perm banned
  7. do you like to put fish sticks in your mouth?
  8. Not getting any bans I am even worried for the game because of it I think that there might be a money dupe or gold farmers must be out of control Jagex clearly does not have things in control. If you are getting banned frequently than you are low hanging fruit
  9. just tried your motherload mine script its really great! i will be buying it can i have a trail for this one as well?
  10. I would like a trial of : rooftop script
  11. I don't think that it would benefit the CEO's bonus at the end of the year if all bots got removed and the player base dropped a large % due to it. Budget cuts are likely to happen if the player base dropped by a lot. All the Chinese stakeholders see are numbers & statistics, they don't care about the long-term health of the game & would rather see more bots so that the player base numbers look better before they sell jagex. Many jagex employees see the company as just a stepping stone so they don't care. The anticheat team have to prove their purpose & are there to not make it obvious. & it subsides their salaries. Even mod mark did not know what the anticheat team were doing everything is kept secret from all others We don't even know who are in their team other than 1-2 if we knew that their would probably be some information out by now linking them to a sythe gold page or something similar. I really don't see what the point would be of removing all bots from the game there would only be downsides for jagex to it. What is worrying to me is that they don't even see the point of investing into decent customer support
  12. After seeing almost all markets crash I would like to take some time off to show my gratitude towards our stable currency, OSRS gold. Even some investment guru's tried to convince people on this forum to invest into BTC but in the end OSRS gp has proven itself to be a more reliable currency compared to it. not only is it more stable to hold but investing into rsgp is more profitable longer term when you use it to merch which only requires a few minutes a day! Consider holding on and investing some of your gold before selling all of it whenever you mule.
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