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We should weaponise our autism against this guy..

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Would be cool if we could fight back against this guy somehow. If the client automatically disliked all his videos every time I logged in I'd be ok with it lol.

For real though, I feel like there's enough of us to do something about this kind of stuff.

Although, the duel scammers didn't have much success combating KempQ.

Jagex works with that pugger guy, to help scare people from botting and make their detection look better than it is. I'm sure if it didn't work they wouldn't do it.

Maybe Osbot higherups could come up with a plan to troll him back, i'd love that lol.

Could offer rewards for the members for completing certain hard to achieve trolling feats against him, or something like that.



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Maybe a thread with all his account usernames so we can perm rag him would be fun, another option would be to all email his tip off email with fake tips. That way he would waste a lot of time following up dead ends.

'Have information you think would make interesting content? Email it here! → sirpuggertipoff@gmail.comHave information you think would make interesting content? Email it here! → sirpuggertipoff@gmail.com'

9 minutes ago, Khaleesi said:

I doubt jagex works with him.
All his videos are completely garbage and full of lies, probably discorvering his own farms after a few days xD

:D all them guys blatantly buy accounts, so they prolly do bot lol, or at least have.

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I could code up an Email Spammer to destroy his inbox, but whats the point really? - his videos have no effect they do nothing. He is a nobody hes not apart of Jagex hes just a leach that likes to talk about bots he probably runs his own farms after he finds them too and once they are getting saturated then reports them. Or who knows maybe the accounts in his videos are actually his and he just fakes the whole vid?? it's perfectly plausible. Either way the guy isn't worth our time honestly. Look at Mod weath he got sick of the pure amount of bots and he used to be a big issue back when he first came to Jagex he was banning a lot, sooner or later this pugger guy will get fed up once his popularity drops.

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3 hours ago, Easy Money said:

droid you probably should stay off the internet and go see a doctor.


39 minutes ago, Tom said:

hasnt this shit stain already been called out as a fake after the 'baiting cluescroll bot' vid?



Damn I never knew that, maybe his videos are fake oO


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22 hours ago, DROID said:


Damn I never knew that, maybe his videos are fake oO


Ofc not all what he shows is fake, but he clearly do this for entertainment so exaggerates a lot (like showing his calculations how zulrah bot farm makes 1m+ a year in profit) and faking content as it seems aswell 

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