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Requesting Beta Testers :) [Ultimate Slayer]


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Hello guys, @Malcolm and I will be running a Beta Test over the next month for our slayer script. We need people to help us improve the script. 

Currently it supports Turael but we are working on Vannaka and will be releasing that one once Turael testing is complete. 

Why Beta Test?

  • You will be the first to use a brand new script before anyone else does.
  • Bot to high stats.
  • Make osbot great again.


  • Bot at least 1 hour a day using the script. You must be at the computer watching to provide me feedback
  • Have discord so we can chat easily
  • Have an account you are willing to use. Probably like 30-40 combat should be fine for Turael?
  • Have ideas to add to the script and provide detailed feedback
  • 100+ post count or VIP

Here is the thread for more details and specifics on the script. 

If you are interested in Beta Testing, join the discord and submit your app in #beta-test-applications




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Willing to take on 4 more beta testers. 

We want people who are active and will give us feedback on the script/report bugs.

Our goal is to make the best slayer script out there and we can do that if we have people who are active. If you're too busy with irl or other things then please don't apply. We want you to bot 1-2 hours daily. You are still free to join the discord for updates on the script though :)

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