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  1. As of now Khal has made no attempt to repay me back for the damage done I also paid through paypal as a guest which screws me, and wont let me get my money back. Update Khal blocked me on discord and seems to not care to fix things which is crazy.
  2. Long Story short Khalessi has had Elite accounts partnership on his discord from this user called Krrked Guy tells a group of us that hes selling Gold at .39 per mill I wanted to buy 1B so I pmed him because hes linked up with Khalessi and had rank Khalessi server originally he wanted me to pay with btc But I dint have so I used my card. I send him $390 USD for the 1b goal like I said trusting him because of the rank on KhalS server so I so no issue. he then tells me his friend has the gold and it takes time to transfer I said okay and continue a dialogue with him tells me to wait because its taking his friend forever an hour passes I ask again and he blocks me. I hope I can get a refund from Khalessi atleast of 1b Gp because I trusted this guy because of his partnership with Khal heres all the links I got I also reported him on another site and hes been banned but I have not recieved a refund. Also saw that another user posted about a similar incident which happened in march 23 , 2021 with khal and the same Krrked scammer and Khal still left the krrk guy on his platform yet after scamming someone? heres a link to that other users post - Here is my proof pictures. https://gyazo.com/a85516ac5288a7f7e2ee97c6a2f6b37e.png My payment from yesterday for 1B gold for .39 per cent - [HIDDEN] chat logs - https://gyazo.com/389a060cd1cab26d1c03dda12bf45c8f https://gyazo.com/74d008bbb087cf8a8f2cb6196a9ef2bb https://gyazo.com/3b3ca906bedf5b52a2302645cb8b9ab9 https://gyazo.com/ac1856f16ba80563d0d5b4f689bc9f6d https://gyazo.com/81a567152375c9f1bdd6f43a3ae763ae https://gyazo.com/312b787b43d0bdc72ac08845b6fce2dc https://gyazo.com/ecdaa774f09587ec1fa28741bcd2cfa4 https://gyazo.com/6ff1f8f520e14023ed8f28119de690d3 https://gyazo.com/28c73608fcfae14cbef80f0893d7a286 https://gyazo.com/8933fab95f4338f8b913bcdc9fb7494b krrks discord id gif - https://gyazo.com/cb1ebf400565c73790ece63c9d67bab1 krrks paypal email I paid and payment date - [HIDDEN] khals admitting their partnership - https://gyazo.com/32e9b8d2938db762a9a7ecd43bf9a5b9
  3. Ya runelite does not work use the official oldschool Client
  4. I think you have to be approved to post this my brother goodluck.
  5. So this script does the bossfight but does not restock in otherwords correct?
  6. I enjoy Smite pretty fun game
  7. Welcome man ! good luck with your botting journey
  8. Wondering what this account would go for, It is now 85 runecrafting and a pet
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