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[Stable] OSBot 2.5.16/17 - Resizable and Patches

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I removed the Resizable Mode random and added better detection if you are in resizable mode or not. There was an "issue" recently that was related to people starting their client in resizable mode, probably after playing on a helper client like RuneLite. When this happens you will be greeted with a warning message to switch into fixed mode and restart your client. Please be mindful that running in resizable mode is not fully supported yet, and even if you switched to fixed mode - you will still need to restart. 




-Added warning message when loading OSBot in resizable mode
-Patched minimap issue, which was related to resizable mode
-Removed resizable mode random event (can now run scripts)
-Patched Trade offerAll
-Patched Friend/Ignore tabs
-Improved Bank open method

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17 hours ago, Nervoxin said:

Is it possible to allow the bot to recognize that there has been an update and stop all functions? Currently the bot will continuously try to log in even when there is an issues. Example being updated runescape and f2p only accounts that are on p2p worlds


Yes there is, but I need to know what the Login Response code is. This is available in the logger during the login process. 

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