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  1. I've started my new role and haven't played/botted Runescape since September. I wouldn't have such a list anyway, sorry I couldn't be of more help. @johnseena
  2. The irish man is well schooled in facing high-level wrestlers, the russian got rocked by Johnson (another explosive striker). The irish man's cardio issue is a myth perpetuated by the media. Conor wins after a war.
  3. Logicfury

    RIP Mod Jed

    2 screens to maximize account log review efficiency POGGERS
  4. Random autoclicking is not bannable unless something breaks and you ends up idling. I did 6 hours of cannoning per day for 3 days (without breaks) overnight and everything is fine. Confirmed if you do some research as well.
  5. OSbot goes down every thursday. Sometimes its for as little as an hour, but it can take up to 24 hours depending on how big of an update Jagex implemented. They don't give ETA's presumably because they split up their work stream and can't really give an accurate ETA.
  6. 30-50M quests needed with more in the future. I'm not looking for a quote right now just who's interested. You will need to pay @Dbuffed a 50M deposit as its the wealth I don't want to move off the account. He will also be used as the middleman for the payment itself.
  7. This is a great share. Seems to only confirm that Jagex is definitely flagging third party clients that aren't returning a known signature (RE: OSBuddy, Runelite etc). Thanks for your input. This is more conclusive evidence that 99.99% of IPs are not monitored by Jagex even after past bans. The only example I've seen of flagged IPs are goldfarming / creating multiple accounts at the same time. This also confirms that the anti-cheat team handles bans through specific mandates and require manual oversight. A functional AI botwatch would never let a suicide botter using a popular script slip under the radar. Thanks for your input. Thanks for you input.
  8. The thread has been updated to reflect people's higher success rates with mirror-mode. I believe sufficient evidence has surfaced to conclude it is, on average, safer than injection.
  9. Could you explain how AFK mode is intended to work? I'm not noticing any differences / delays between dropping/picking new fishing spots
  10. A lot of people are attention depraved. Just because someone makes a claim on the internet it does not make it true. Good luck.
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