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Do people pay more for hand-done tut island accounts?

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i wouldn't think so, or at least not in mass quantities. the whole point of a tut island account is for mass gold farming with a large mass of accounts whom you don't expect to keep unbanned for too long. something that was "hand done" would get a better value because it means you won't get banned for a previous offense. you'd want a main account to be hand done because you don't want to have it banned, but since a tut island account is destined to be banned then why would you care, or moreover pay more for it.

if i wanted a safe tut island account then i'd make it myself. why would i risk someone else being the OO of an account i'm planning to use in the long term. takes like 5 minutes just so you'd know no one will be able to reclaim an account you intend on making valuable.

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