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  1. yes, you can set breaks as shown in the picture
  2. glad you're enjoying the script there's several reasons i chose only to script the "afk" method- the biggest reason is that this is a free script, meaning it can't be too complex/compete with a premium script according to the SDN/Store rules. if i added a manual offering mode i would have to greatly increase the complexity of the script to prevent users from getting banned. with that in mind, having only the "afk" method seemed like the best compromise.
  3. sorry for the late reply. i've just pushed a fix so it shouldn't get stuck after leaving for food mid-kill. it should go live with version 1.2. tell me if there's still issues after the update. as for CLI, it just isn't currently supported
  4. thanks, i'll have a look and fix it
  5. thanks for the feedback. as for your points: 1. i unfortunately don't have the time for adding this feature. 2. are the potions visible when opening the bank without having to scroll/change tabs? i have it set so that it will always withdraw the lowest dose banked, so if you have a stamina potion (4) visible for example but a stamina potion (3) is also banked but is not visible then it will get stuck. 3. i'm not sure what you mean by this. can you explain how this can be replicated/provide me with a video demonstration?
  6. sorry to hear that, but i've personally trained plenty of accounts to 43 prayer or 70+ prayer and have yet to be banned from this script. if you got banned 15 minutes within starting the script then it sounds to me like you were already flagged for something else
  7. problem found and fixed issue should be solved the next time the sdn is updated, in version 1.1
  8. i'm not sure if these "hiccups" are what i recently found, but i've pushed another fix to solve this issue
  9. not quite what i had in mind, but i got you. already found and fixed the problem. the fix should go live by tomorrow when the sdn gets updated. in the meantime you could disable breaks when running the script and only manually break should you desire.
  10. please fill out the bug report as shown in the original post so that i can more easily identify and fix the problem
  11. @Malcolm for mod. i get the feeling he can do a good job. @Medusa for discord helper. even when he's "in the army" he still lurks in the discord.
  12. 1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode: Mirror 2. Logger contents (press "Settings" on top right corner of the client, then "Toggle Logger", copy & paste on pastebin) : https://pastebin.com/en6eTeWa 3. Description: kept talking to the wrong guard during Fight Arena quest when trying to intoxicate the guard. i had to pause and manually speak with the correct guard before resuming for the script to continue properly. also - does no food mode not work in general/in mirror mode? i made sure that the gui's title said no food mode before starting each one individually, yet no matter which quest i tried running with no food mode it insists on buying and withdrawing food.
  13. weapon used: obsidian sword ("toktz-xil-ak"). final hitsplat was 7 iirc. account has 80att and 97str, but it's not like it hit 30 to cause the regen.
  14. 1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode: Mirror Mode 2. Logger: forgot to get it in time and it was buried with walking logs. it was repeating the killing the black titan log in stage 7 (nothing special to see in the logger anyway) 3. Description: when killing the black knight titan it didn't swap to excalibur for delivering the final blow. it "killed" it with the weapon i had equipped, making it back to full health. then it tried killing it once more, again not swapping to excalibur when it's low health. i paused the script, manually swapped to excalibur and killed the titan, then resumed and it continued normally. i must admit it did flinch it perfectly to death, just need to make sure it does swap to excalibur for the kill (maybe have it equipped for the whole kill/once it's 50% health or something).
  15. script is now in closed beta and looking for testers! post here or pm me if you'd like to test the script for free. also available on discord, contact myOSBaccount#3991
  16. oink oink sir. if it's not a laughing matter then why are you joking
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