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New Bot Project

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Been bored so I decided I'll do a new botting project on a fresh account. The goal is to get all skills to 70+ while having 1 def and 1 prayer on the account.

To prevent myself from wasting any bonds I will try to nok off all the f2p skills to 70+ before using a bond on the account. Will probably take me a month or two to grind all f2p skills to 70+ since they are slow af in f2p xd. I will also be using only free scripts and not transfer any money on the account. Will be using fire strikes for magic training and bronze arrows for range training:) Once these goals are completed my next goal will be to get 150+ questpoints while staying 1 def 1 prayer.

Current Goals:


F2P Goals

70 Woodcutting

70 Strength

70 Ranged

70 Magic

70 Runecrafting

70 Hitpoints

70 Crafting

70 Mining

70 Smithing

70 Fishing

70 Cooking

70 Firemaking


P2P Goals

40/50 or 60 Attack (Quested)

70 Construction

70 Thieving

70 Agility

70 Herblore

70 Fletching

70 Slayer

70 Hunter

70 Farming


Updated Picture



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9 minutes ago, Nintendo Switch said:

goodluck. remember to swithc it up when botting

Thanks lads and ladys!

And yeh I think switching it up every 1-2 days should be good keeping in mind I won't be botting more than 5 hours a day and that with breaks inbetween every 2 hours or something.

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8 minutes ago, daamurda said:

good luck! If u manage 70 rc in f2p thats pretty impressive.

Just did a quick calculation, with body runes in f2p without energy pots it will costs me approximatly 100+ hours to get 70 runecraftting. botting 5 hours means 20 days, gotta switch it up 1/3th of the time to another skill so brb in 1 month for the 70 runecraffting xd

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