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  1. Looking for account with atleast 60 Woodcutting 60 Woodcutting (or more) - not looking to pay more than 2M 60 Woodcutting and some agility levels - send message on Discord so we can discuss price Would prefer someone who could provide accounts on a semi-regular base. Also don't mind if the account is botted if account is rested for 1-2 days. Discord: CJ7_RS07#4405
  2. CJ7

    Poison npc

    What's up guys, I'm looking for a way to determine if the NPC my character is fighting is poisoned. I'm using mithril bolts (e), but I want to switch them for normal mithril bolts if the target is poisoned. I've done a bit of research, isPoisoned in the Combat API only checks if the player is poisoned and I can't find anything else in the API that can check for NPC poison. I was thinking of checking the animation of the bolts' special attack and then switching to regular bolts once the animation is visible. If the target's health percent is zero, It would equip the enchanted bolts so the next kill starts with the enchanted bolts equipped. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Thanks in advance, cheers!
  3. They're free to charge you whatever amount they want, does that count?
  4. Unlikely, I once autoclicked to a 70 defence pure in f2p on monks in the monastery. I set the mouse to the woodcutting skill (for shits and giggles), and made it click once every 10-15 minutes. Left it on till the auto logout appeared and reset it once I got home or via Remote Desktop. I would recommend doing it this way and using the official runescape client, since you won't be needing food after full mithril. Cheers!
  5. You're missing the point mr AntiBan.class
  6. Also, I believe this piece of code: if (!ore.isVisible()){ getCamera().toEntity(ore); } aside from the possibility of causing nullpointer exceptions is also unnecassesary, since you're calling "ore.interact" after that. Interact also moves the camera!
  7. This might be really dumb, but you can't you put your code in an if(canReach && pos == outerring)? Wouldn't this stop clicking the object? To be sure, you could put a break condition in your event, to stop it if the player is in the outerring/object is no longer reachable. So basically: If (canReach && pos == outerring) { //only execute event if we can reach the object and we're in the outerring Interaction event // set the interaction event to manually stop the event if we're in the innerring/object is not reachable } I just started scripting myself, don't know if this will help you! Goodluck!
  8. Reading this I can't see how I missed that. Thank you for taking the time to give me constructive feedback, much appreciated! I understand now. I was using the interact only, but when it didn't work I thought I misunderstood what it did, so I replaced it with getCamera to check if that worked (which ofcourse it didn't since I'm telling it to look for stuff that isn't there). I appreciate the feedback, thank you!
  9. Hey guys, I'm having some problems writing my first script. It is a very basic chicken killer, as I'm just trying to understand the basics of script writing. I understand the logic behind it, but I got stuck when I couldn't get the getCamera().toEntity() to work. I'm pretty sure this is user error, but I can't get my head around exactly WHAT I'm doing wrong. The code The logger When there a chickens on my screen, I works just fine. It is when I start the script with the camera away from any chickens, that is gets stuck in the loop. Following what I know: "Not in combat" was printed, so we are not in combat; "Found a chicken" was not printed, instead "No chicken found" was logged, which means chicken equaled null and therefore the block of code after } else { was activated; while the script DID log "No chicken found" it DID NOT move the camera to a chicken which was reachable etc. Is my logic flawed? What I'm I doing wrong?
  10. Thank you! Can't take all credit for it, a friend of mine helped me out ! I'm running a script that is pretty CPU intensive. I'd have to check how much CPU each bot is using, but I doubt it will run 15. Thanks for the advice anyway, it is much appreciated!
  11. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Hey guys, I been wanting to expand my farm for quite some time now. I'm now at 2 bots, just to get the feeling of 'running' a farm. I'm planning to slowly expand my farm from 2 to like 5 and eventually to 10 and my goal for now is 15 bots. My laptop now can barely handle two bots let alone 15, so I either need to build my own pc or rent a dedicated server. The build I want to start with would look something like this: https://be.pcpartpicker.com/list/BcFXyX (I'll just use a GPU from an old pc). I can upgrade the RAM, CPU, etc. along the way. Or I can just rent a dedicated server for a mothly fee. What option would you guys take in this situation? PS I'm aware of the general pros and cons of the options and I'm also aware I need VIP to run 2+ bots, I just want your guys' opinion
  13. Would it not be practically impossible to ban guns in the US? Given the amount of legal weapons already bought and the circulation of illegal weapons? The costs of that would be ridiculous too. I must say I'm not from the US, but comparing it to the Dutch drug policy, if we were to ban soft drugs, there would still be a ridiculous amount of weed/mushrooms in circulation, because soft drug use is almost embedded in Dutch society. Now I know it might be a illogical comparison, since drugs are a one-time use and then you'd have to buy again and given the addictive effects of some drugs, but I hope you get the point.
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