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  1. After long contemplating my decision I have decided to take it. I am going to quit these forums, the community has some nice people in it but the people running it might be a lidl bit blind. I've been getting warned by moderators that don't know how to or what to moderate for the second time now. I've quited these forums a year ago aswell when this happend with another mod which I shall not call names. Just wanting to put the fact out that it isn't fair how some corrupt people seem to be getting around with all the shit they are doing and the admins not seeing this. Maldesto has been trying his best but I guess he can't be only 24/7 either to keep these people in check. Anyways GG I'm out hope you have a nice day.
  2. Used all my likes or I would of liked your post. Anyways after years of botting experience I want to show you how it can be done right. Also my name in the game is ********* Any more clear than that doesn't it get right? I'll remove shortly dw
  3. And that's why we have 1 prayer accounts
  4. Rettube.com buys all my gold for top dollar
  5. Sold my 94 combat account with 94 magic and 99 agility last week for 45m and went staking, naturally I lost it all and now I can't even afford a bond... To add salt to wound, I was staking on my 120 combat account nearly maxed and got scammed by a lvl 67er...
  6. Make the account spam the fap emote while waiting, profit for dayz Also you are like legandary scripter apa kappa?
  7. Just did a quick calculation, with body runes in f2p without energy pots it will costs me approximatly 100+ hours to get 70 runecraftting. botting 5 hours means 20 days, gotta switch it up 1/3th of the time to another skill so brb in 1 month for the 70 runecraffting xd
  8. I think getting 75 attack would deffenitly take away value from the account. Training from 60 to 75 is not a big deal if a future owner wants to do this they could do it very fast themselfs. If you do this now it would shrink the market of potential buyers for the account as everyone who's interested in a 60 attack pure would lose their interest.
  9. Thanks lads and ladys! And yeh I think switching it up every 1-2 days should be good keeping in mind I won't be botting more than 5 hours a day and that with breaks inbetween every 2 hours or something.
  10. I don't really play ironman but I'd say 250m+ probably
  11. Been bored so I decided I'll do a new botting project on a fresh account. The goal is to get all skills to 70+ while having 1 def and 1 prayer on the account. To prevent myself from wasting any bonds I will try to nok off all the f2p skills to 70+ before using a bond on the account. Will probably take me a month or two to grind all f2p skills to 70+ since they are slow af in f2p xd. I will also be using only free scripts and not transfer any money on the account. Will be using fire strikes for magic training and bronze arrows for range training:) Once these goals are completed my next goal will be to get 150+ questpoints while staying 1 def 1 prayer. Current Goals: Updated Picture
  12. Can you add powermine option to this?
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