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  1. superdope left Positive feedback   

    Huge trust bought 114 cb account $150 through skrill no mm. Great guy and smooth trade account and email swapped to mine all info provided and everything in order. Would recommend him for buying accounts or services

    mercylad was The Seller

  2. Lost Panda left Positive feedback   

    MM'd for him , thx

    mercylad was Trading

  3. boozer left Positive feedback   

    Bought an account went smooth, Will buy more in future :)

    mercylad was The Seller

  4. osrshunter4days left Positive feedback   

    Did MM, Underground Pass and Regicide for me. Really nice guy and fast completion! would definitely recommend

    mercylad was The Seller

  5. Switzzz left Positive feedback   

    Quested 40 attack for an account of mine, smooth trade and fast service

    mercylad was The Seller

  6. lucasdobogla left Positive feedback   

    Sold to us 50m osrs, thank you sir @ www.boglagold.com

    mercylad was The Seller

  7. Kim left Positive feedback   

    Completed all f2p quests super fast, Thanks! +++

    mercylad was The Seller

  8. Google left Positive feedback   

    Did Shielf of Arrav with him , cool guy.

    mercylad was The Seller

  9. progamerz left Positive feedback   

    Sold him voucher thanks :)

    mercylad was The Buyer

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