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Mouse Recording

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First of all im not very good in english and i dont know shit about java/scripting and coding..

Past 3-5 months ive been Mouse Recording hardcore 8-15h a day, with only 10-20minutes records (if you dont know what that is check my project on my profile)


So ive been thinking if it would be possible to make scripts that only help to rotate camera and from time to time change speed of mouse record, hold that angle of camera, because problem with mouse records is camera moves every 2-4 hour and it fucks up your setup, example would be you record your self 3-5 times picking wines of zammy and teleport/bank, and repeat that bot would only always hold that camera angle, because i noticed huge problem with scripts is they got same pattern always, suicide bots cant last more than 24h (rare occasion they last more), with help of java and mouse records we could make bots that wouldnt be possible to get caught, patterns would be impossible to detect same paths... hope you undrstaned what i wanted to say if not suka blyat.

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It's really strange to me how nonexistent the ban rate is with mouse recording. Surely it would be easy for jagex to just store the time between clicks which would not be very intensive on their systems and would catch mouse recorders (or at least the ones that don't shuffle data) easily. But it seems they don't bother.

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Okay, so. I've mouse recorded a lot in the past, with only 1 14-day ban after abusing it for long peroids of time.


1. Don't use a script to adjust the camera, the whole point of mouse recording is gone as soon as you log into a bot client and use a script.

2. Click the compas to reset the camera(this will not work perfectly). It doesn't reset the camera perfectly because this is jagex's way to combat auto-clickers/mouse recorders.

3. Zoom in very very much (osbuddy) so the click area where you want to click(a bank for example) is bigger


if you want to do a certain thing (for example herblore) for a long time, include re-logging in your mouse record script, this will reset the camera the same way every time if i recall correctly


enjoy ;)


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