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  1. No, you're ignorant to believe that even a significant portion of the American populace could stand a chance against the government. Back when everybody had muskets (when these laws were made) then sure the people could have overthrown the government. This is no longer true. What do you think would happen when ar-15s go up against unmanned drones, armored tanks, gunships, ballistic missiles and long-range artillery? There's also the flip side of that where police end up shooting innocent & even unarmed civilians because they are afraid of them being armed. Kinda like how bullets aren't very effective against drones that fly so high they aren't even visible (and can accurately fire missiles against human targets from that height). More restrictive gun laws seem to be working for the rest of the western world. Edit: Not saying there are no good reasons to have guns, but so "the government can't just come and take over" isn't one of them.
  2. Good luck with the script! you're doing really well for someone who is just learning
  3. Looks a bit messy... Are you declaring a method in your onLoop()? also you have a return statement right after you declare the method so all the code that follows in unreachable. Also what's with the random curly brackets on line 41? that could also be causing issues.
  4. Okay so I just opened osbot on a pc (this issue occurs on mac) and the hunter script is visible. Before the day of the 5.7 update I was able to see & use the script on mac. On pc, the script is the bottom one on my list so I feel it may just be some type of visual inconsistency causing the bottom script to be hidden on macs.
  5. Here's a clip https://streamable.com/ak07w
  6. Yes, I don't think any others are missing
  7. I have had this script for a little while but today, when I open osbot and updated to 2.7 it's not there. It's still in my scripts section on the website but in the actual osbot app it is gone. I hit refresh multiple times and restarted my client but it is still gone.
  8. I was only allowed to play for 2 hours a week as a 10 year old so I didn't spend what precious time I had watching guides or anything like that. To make money I would kill goblins for gp and pick up whatever items were dropped and sell them to the general store (This was before the g.e came out).
  9. Doesn't do that for me, also using recent version of chrome. Maybe your adblock didn't fully disable or you have some other extension messing with it? or maybe it is a glitch that only happens at certain screen resolutions..
  10. Kinda confused by your wording, what do you mean by "the events of the chat"? And you don't need to 'initialize' that method, just put in in your class which extends script with the @override annotation. Then it will automatically run in a sperate thread. @Override public void onMessage(Message message) throws java.lang.InterruptedException { String msg = message.getMessage().toLowerCase(); if (msg.contains("you get some logs")) { woodCut++; } }
  11. alching, enchanting jewlery, stun-alching, mining and fletching is what I have used it for so far.
  12. Works fine on runescape but not newer mmo's that do not involve clicking the exact same spots over and over.
  13. I've seen a couple people over the last few days saying they got hardware flagged and no matter what IP they use they get banned on every account they make even if they play legit. Try playing an account legit for a bit and see if that has happened to you.
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