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Dont buy any accounts for staking. Any Staking account Xer or not will be worthless very soon.

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Lvl 3s can boost stats to 99 for staking means you can do boxing on a 5min old account. And staking will be guaranteed loss longterm since Xing is removed and they will add a 1% tax on all stakes.

Just thought I would post this here before anyone wastes their money on a buying staking account.



Changes to the Duel Arena

The Duel Arena is an iconic part of Old School RuneScape, yet it has its problems. The Duel Arena is currently fuelling Real World Traders that stake based on odds to acquire huge sums of in-game gold, which they then sell online. We do not want to remove the Duel Arena from the game as it's particularly iconic to the feel of Old School RuneScape. We received a lot of feedback on the changes initially pitched. Following your feedback we'd like to propose the following:

  • We'd like to implement a tax on all stakes in the Duel Arena. Initially we'd like to propose a 1% tax. So as to allow items to continue to be staked we'd like to implement a Coffer which would require you to add Coins to facilitate the stake.
  • The ability to temporarily boost your stats within the duel to max. This option would mean that the odds stakers lose their advantage, and we keep the Duel Arena open. Note that the boosted stats wouldn't affect what equipment you're able to wield. A level 3 couldn't stake with an Abyssal whip, for example. The option would appear within the Duel interface. Players using this option will not gain XP in duels.
  • A trade weighting limit on stakes which would prevent one side being heavily weighted over the other. This again is with the intention of stopping odds stakers. It would work akin to the trade limit of old. You can stake as much as you'd like, but your opponent has to stake an amount which is within a certain range of your stake.
  • We'd like to prevent players from emptying weapons within the Arena. This would prevent scams which utilise restricting 2-handed weapons, but then involve the scammer unloading the 2-handed weapon to obtain a weapon wieldable in 1 hand to use against the unsuspecting victim. If this is implemented then we'd ensure that you would have to have at least a 10% filled charge/capacity on the weapon to begin the duel.
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18 minutes ago, ez11 said:

And staking will be guaranteed loss longterm since Xing is removed and they will add a 1% tax on all stakes.


Not to take away from your thread OP, good information. Max main rentals market might die (will die?) off, but the upside is the duel arena will still be 1.) Better odds than the gambling bots, 2.) Most 'legal' way to gamble through RuneScape within* the ToS :doge: aaaand last but not least it: 3.) Maybe, just maybe, create a large enough GP sink out of that tax money. (Increase in value of gold? :) )


Regarding the boosted stats, you still would need an account with 70 attack to wield the whip, even after the boosts? Smart to also not include EXP drops. That would have been a sick way to train combat. xD



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