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  1. Will be buying til I fill up 200m ish. PM here or on disc: Orlando Bloom#2485
  2. nah srs, gimme link to osbot disc
  3. 0.75$ Paypal for trusted. Discord: @Orlando Bloom#2485
  4. Flagged client is social construct. Hahaha, just try again mate, over and over and over and when over after over and over is done, you have to get up and stat over just like that Rocky quote, fam. Stay lit.
  5. pls help senpai alek xo i cry hard very hard i dont cant bot rn pls halp omg
  6. Two different roofs for sure, the 2nd one from start and the biggest one iirc.
  7. Hoo lee fuck, dude, once I tho it was just glitch graphics or antiban, but twice I witnessed how ur bot ignored mark of grace @ canifis, I might be wrong tho and it picks it up second run? Not sure if it can do it, but just letting you know.
  8. Banking from shrimping behind lumby castle doesn't work properly, stands with full inv at bank/outside of bank.
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