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  1. 42 gp / xp , pm me if you're interested
  2. I can do regicide & underground pass for 7m. I'll do the quests first then you pay since I'm new.

    1. ZhoQS


      Add me on Discord: ZhoQS#2467 or Skype:live:zhoqs

  3. can do this for 35m + ur supplies
  4. can do hunter for you, have done it before. I have pmed you
  5. ive done this type of order before, PM me if you're interested
  6. could buy at 0.65$. Pm me if you're interested.
  7. Can do this for you, pm me your skype/discord
  8. Bump, looking for someone that will do it for 7.5m!
  9. hes kinda right, but that could be discussed in pms aswell.
  10. could probably do this in a week, pm me your discord/skype
  11. Looking for paypal balance, trusted members only. 0.70$ / M
  12. Pm me your discord/skype
  13. I have this one, https://imgur.com/a/aylu2re can provide original email + recov details.
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