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Top reasons to visit George Town, Penang


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Top reasons to visit George Town, Penang



The bustling colorful town named after the British King George III is renowned for its beautiful colonial architecture listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is the capital of Penang and a picturesque, postcard-city of a place that will make you feel at home the very day you set foot here.

The quite popular mode of transport for travelling to George Town from Kuala Lumpur is to book an express bus and arrive in style, conveniently and save your pocket. Alternatively, you can also download and book a bus on its app from your respective App stores. Visit Wikipedia for more information.

Alluring smells of delicious food wafting down its cobbled streets, the heady scent of incense sticks, we give you five reasons why you must visit this pretty place:

1. For the love of architecture: The British charm is reflected through every structure here, and it is because of its architectural genius that saw George Town being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. For the wondrous Chinese temples: George Town boasts of some spectacular Chinese temples that you won’t find anywhere else in Southeast Asia. Built over 100 years ago, the Khoo Kongsi temple is one of the most beautifully carved structures here.

3. For the love of India: Welcome to Little India in George Town, a bustling, lively place that will drive away all the homesickness you felt after arriving in Malaysia.  You can also indulge into shopping at Mustafa Centre which is considered to be a must visit place the moment you step foot in Little India. Mustafa Centre is the Singaporean institution and is considered to be an epicentre of life in this small community. It is a one stop shop for all your shopping needs. The best part about little India is that most of the shops here are open for 24 hours and the shopping experience that you will get here is truly unique. Little India is popular for both locals as well as tourists as you will come across several household products, electronics, watches and apparels. The best buys of Little India also includes accessories that are completely hand made with an ethnic touch to them. Bags, costumes, jewelry have been priced quite reasonably here. It also includes some Asian specialty goods like Sarees and Food produce. You might need to visit this place a couple of times to explore the entire variety of goods.

4. A treat for the eyes
Recent years have seen the rapid development of Penang’s arts scene. In fact, its street murals have captured the attention of many tourists. These art pieces started off with the Marking George Town initiative by the Penang State Government back in September 2009.

5. Soak up the rich heritage
If you are looking to soak up some culture during your getaway, then George Town should be top on your list. The city has long been known for its colorful history; it was even listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. This rich ancestry is reflected in the old school architecture of its buildings.

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