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  1. hi, i need all quests + stats for the following fight arena vampire slayer tree gnome village mountain daughter lost city and rock cake quests the account has no stats besides base 70 melees please quote below
  2. you're fucked kid... remember, don't drop the soap
  3. gimme a quote and i'll choose cheapest xd simple as the title says, waterfall and priest in peril, from lvl 3(just island done) i'll supply bond and supplies necessary
  4. that would be nice, cheers buddy
  5. from fresh lvl 3 (only 3 f2p quests done) so this would involve 1-30 theiving, and necessary combat stats to kill boss (can be safe spotted pretty easily). i can will supply bond and necessary materials, quote prices plz hit me up with pm or post here
  6. gimme gimme aswell, my shit posts are not in quantity but quality so i deserve gimme gimme
  7. wonder what avril is up to nowadays?
  8. o fuck, that's fucking good, i thought it was going to be some normie edm shit.. was pleasantly surprised
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