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Favorite pkers

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We all have our favorite PKers weather its Torvesta or SirPugger, but what about the real oldschool pkers back in 2006/2007/2008?

Mine was I Kazoy I and wish he kept going. After that it was WinAllDay and his staking vids. And you cant forget about SoSolid2k.

Post a video of you’re favorite pker/staking videos.

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Kasoy did play 07scape for a bit just an FYI not sure if he still does or not but he turned into a straight jesus freak now according to his YT channel.

I liked tanksta wish he had more then two videos before getting smacked with the RWT ban.

I also wish there were more Iodio / Uncut Angel / Kuppeli / and all the other old school staker videos because you really can't find shit now a days for staking because anyone that rich is RWTing LUL

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