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  1. If you still need help pm me
  2. my paypal was acting up last night =/
  3. I'm going to buy it online and have them send to your email so you can claim it. I was looking to spend 50-75
  4. H O C

    Favorite pkers

    Can't forget FOE , most of there pkers were beasts
  5. As title says, pm me or drop prices!
  6. Thank you everyone for the suggestions, big help!
  7. Yeah I plan on using my old laptop for school and what not. And with a new one mainly use it for rs pking. I'll look into it, thank you!
  8. 1-63 Hunt Hand done drop prices
  9. Currently living quarters, really don't have room for a desktop or I would definitely build one
  10. Had this Lenovo ideapad Y700 for about 2 years. I think it's time to cash in and get another laptop. Mainly in rs I pk, brid/deep wild If anyone has any suggestions on a good laptop, that'll be great for pking Thank you!
  11. Paying pre paid visa card on verified pp, pm prices/skypes!
  12. Is rsautoswitcher legit? someone find out lmao
  13. Nice progress man, one of my boys is going the same thing haha
  14. pm me your skype, I have 2 sellers
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