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Anyone Watch RS Youtubers

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At one point I was watching watching quite a few, Settled, Sug1n, Torvesta, Chris Archie. Just a few off the top of my head.

But since getting into the OS black market I feel no interest in watching legit videos...

Except for the semi bald lithuanian karambwan japanese porno man himself, Dovydas. Otherwise known as A Friend. His content will always hold a spot in my heart

RIP willybankloot. Gone but not forgotten. :feels:

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24 minutes ago, FuryShark said:

Money making guides man :cash:

10 minutes ago, Oppai said:

Obviously Dovydas, but also watched Framed and Raikesy myself. Oh and yea a twitch highlight channel, cba to watch these osrs livestreams

Oh yea Framed! Use to watch his content. Invested time in that highlight channel as well but didn't enjoy it all that much

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