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  1. 5x accounts 30/30/30 Waterfall quests Witchs house hand train to 30 def
  2. use a middleman not worth the risk
  3. 50 att 76 str 81 range 1 pray 1 def 73hp halo cw top mith gloves 59 cb
  4. looking for all by one person sorry
  5. Fresh level 3 by me tut done i need the following 1-20 agility 90gp per xp = 403k fight arena paying 800k grand tree - paying 1.5m tree gnome village - paying 1.5m death platue - paying 1m witch's house- paying 500k waterfall quest - paying 600k Total of 5.9m must keep 1 def 1 pray , must show 1-20agility been done in osbuddy screen shot folder will be using middleman unless trusted.
  6. can they be botted? given a cooldown period?
  7. MDMAblkout

    1-75 range

    15m your supplies
  8. oh shit i swear they where 2m a few weeks ago lol
  9. https://gyazo.com/fe4f319b740fa2cd5f6633fffdc3f573
  10. im meaning my osbuddy , osbot cleint etc is very small
  11. hi i got a new pc /monter and everything is small and hard to see some stuff any idea how to make them bigger?
  12. very high chance of ban i botted 2hrs on account with expired ban haddent been bottin on in 2 years botted it for 2hrs got ban next day in my experience
  13. has any had any luck botting agility i always get perm ban only botted it 2-3hrs a day getting to 60 is highest ive gotten to so far seems its just to much of a hot spot
  14. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/135661-pure-59-cb/
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