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  1. Has Rigour/Augury/Bgloves/Fire Cape/MM2 done. Pm me if interested
  2. If either of these accounts interest you feel free to pm me and i can give you more details on them. Also i am more than willing to do full recovery on each of these accounts with staff members.
  3. @nmz leveler I can sell you this. Pm me or send me your skype
  4. Hmm not too bad. Might give inferno a few attempts when the account is finished, but if i cant do it i might look into that lol. Thanks
  5. @Pink Clay How much is a infernal cape lets say on a account with 99 Range/70 Def/70 pray/90 hp. Located in US
  6. I Have 2 you can check out https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q_911lF72D-Qn5GnuEwj4oIu2Qz4jLQMEAzqs56owlM/edit?pageId=117732864664706919991#gid=1239567012 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wx_dKHA8L0sW9SspxVcZlXuiDL3QvKex3O-l439ciB4/htmlview?pli=1&sle=true#gid=0 Lemme know if either of those helped
  7. Yeah i got 2 accounts qualifed, So im hoping to make some bank as well Gl Swapping boys
  8. I’m looking to get a price estimate for Barrows gloves from scratch + levels needed. I would provide a level 3 w/ bonds + certain supplies . I would want the account to end with 42 def and 15 pray. Leave price/time of completion below - If it’s a good deal I will have it done ASAP
  9. Ehh only ruins the looks of the stats tbh, so its up to you how ocd you are about that stuff
  10. Most zerkers aren’t going to have 70 prayer, most are 31-52, but ya the font color is a real bitch to read would suggest changing it
  11. Not sure exactly, but there plan was to remove odd staking and making everyone be able to stake like a max main. Im not sure how they are doing it , but it was suppose to happen this month.
  12. Im pretty sure the new arena is coming this month, so i would either go ahead and stake or just wait for the changes.
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