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AIO Farming - Beta Thread

Eagle Scripts

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AIO Farming has now entered Beta Stage.

All of you have been granted access to the script, if you are somehow not able/willing to participate in the Beta, please tell me so I can grant somebody else access.

Please note:
- For most efficiency, always use the Falador Farming Patch as #1 in the queue of Farming Locations, as it will currently resupply at this location
- The script uses teleport tablets to go to the farming location (catherby uses camelot, falador uses falador, kourend uses falador, ardougne uses camelot)
- Due to broken webwalking links - Do not use Kourend for now

Please make sure to give me full bug reports on all the problems, you can use the following template to do so.
Please only post bug reports regarding the Beta on this thread, not the script's actual thread.

OSBot Version:
Mirror Mode?:
Description Of Bug:
Console Error:
Screenshot (upload in imgur): 
Custom breaking enabled?:

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7 minutes ago, daamurda said:

put me in as a possible. I have a level 3 account that i could possible make members and put a few mills on it to see how the bot runs. Are you trying to do a progressive like you enter desired level and it buys all the items from GE and starts from there?

Awesome. I'm planning to look into a progressive mode feature, whether this will have Grand Exchange support from V1.0 is not decided yet though :)

4 minutes ago, Pseudo said:

I'd definitely be interested in helping you test. I have a few accounts, all with different farming levels, so could be quite effective for debugging purposes for 'ya.

Lovely :)

4 minutes ago, Viston said:

Sure thing fren, @Yuix and I Would like to participate :)

- Got account projects which I'm working on, they need to have some farming done.

Lovely :)

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19 minutes ago, GPSwap said:

Id happily bond up a couple accounts for testing :)


12 minutes ago, MyOSB said:

I have my skiller, you can feel free to use it if you'd like :) 


1 minute ago, JayBotsOS said:

I'd love to help out with this, I've always been terrible at Farming, so the more help I can give, the quicker this comes out! ;)

Lovely lads, I'll note you down aswell :)

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7 hours ago, Code Hero said:

Count me in!


7 hours ago, powtaytow said:

Count me in x)


7 hours ago, xLoCo said:

@Eagle Scripts im down to test for you my man!:ditto:


7 hours ago, progamerz said:

I can participate :)

Lovely, thanks lads.

The maximum trials I can give per script is 10, this amount has now been reached so I don't need more participants after this post :)

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