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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.4.122/23 - InteractionEvent, WebWalking, Antiban


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Download: https://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.4.123.jar

It's been a month since I had some free time to work on the client; I've been struggling with managing the SDN and playing Private Script Control Officer. I decided to bang out some stuff that will almost certainly break something or make someone mad. Regardless, there are a bunch of changes that were made with good intentions.

One of those good intentions is the asynchronous camera movement in InteractionEvent. Previously InteractionEvent would perform a series of relatively logical tests. Is the entity on screen? No? Okay lets walk to the entity. Is the entity visible now? No? Okay let's adjust our camera. Although logical, it was pretty slow. Instead, now you should notice that interactions are sped up because we're not really making those checks in sequence.

Additionally InteractionEvent once again has some entity verification. This is particularly useful if you have an entity that you wish to interact with, but it's in a stack with other entities of a similar name. Thanks @Fruity for reminding me.

Huge shoutout to @Chris for all the webwalking links he provided, some of the routes are pretty common so somebody will get good use from his dedication.


Finally I removed the controversial random mouse movement methods. Originally they were written for the BankPin random and as a way to close out of menus, not as some sort of antiban. Even worse, somewhere and someone along the line thought it was a brilliant idea to create 6 fucking versions of the method. They were being used and abused for spaghetti antiban methods which I would be willing to bet my life on has never saved anyone from a ban. Also removed Entity examine(), literally a wrapper for interact("Examine");

Fruity reported an issue with GroundItemStack interaction not working correctly.

Version 2.4.122 Changelog:

Added Menu getRectangle()
Removed Mouse moveVerySlightly()
Removed Mouse moveSlightly(int)
Removed Mouse moveRandomly(int)
Removed Mouse moveSlightly()
Removed Mouse moveRandomly()
Removed Entity examine()
-Removed WallObject examine()
-Removed GroundDecoration examine()
-Removed WallDecoration examine()
-Removed GroundItem examine()
-Removed Character examine()
-Removed InteractableObject examine()
Deprecated setCameraDistanceThreshold
Added MainScreenTileDestination method getPosition()
InteractionEvent uses new async Camera to focus on entites
-Rewrote various parts of InteractionEvent
InteractionEvent has improved success rate on exiting menus
Tested BreakManager with no issues found 
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/118592-breaks-isnt-working/
Tested World hop methods, no issues find. Made slight changes.
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121373-world-hopping-bug-tries-to-hop-to-500-skill-total-world/
Added WebWalkEvent link - Seer's Village Log Balance
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121391-webwalking-obstacles/
Added WebWalkEvent link - Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121391-webwalking-obstacles/
Added WebWalkEvent link - Edgeville Dungeon Pipe To Moss Giants
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121391-webwalking-obstacles/
Added WebWalkEvent link - Taverly Dungeon Floor Spikes
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121391-webwalking-obstacles/
Added WebWalkEvent link - Taverly Dungeon Steps
-Thread: https://osbot.org/forum/topic/121391-webwalking-obstacles/
Restored method Menu getMenuIndex(Entity, String[], String[])
Restored InteractionEvent entity verification


Version 2.4.123 Changelog:

Added Entity getIndex()
-Added GroundDecoration getIndex()
-Removed Character getIndex()
-Added GroundItem getIndex()
-Added InteractableObject getIndex()
-Added WallDecoration getIndex()
-Added WallObject getIndex()
Added Objects getLocalObject(int index)
Updated getMenuIndex(Entity, String[], String[]) entity selection
-Patches GroundItem issue from 2.4.122


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2 minutes ago, Chris said:

InteractionEvent Test captures

#1 http://i.imgur.com/gbmWnFt.gif

#2 http://i.imgur.com/1PBTzfI.gif


//if not in combat
NPC dude = getNpcs().closest(npc -> npc != null && npc.hasAction("Attack"));
            InteractionEvent event = new InteractionEvent(dude, "Attack");


Looks like its working pretty well for you, unless this is a bug report haha. 

1 minute ago, chachacha said:

Is mirror mode fixed yet?

Don't know, I don't work on mirror mode but I have been asking MGI.

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