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P2P Money Making Methods

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I found this on some random site that sells gold. maybe it will help some of you. most of it is common knowledge and im sure some methods aren't actually the right gp per hour

Money making methods - August 24, 2016

Latest OSRS Money Making Guide | Earn up to 1.5M Per hour!

The latest OSRS money making guide. We suggest 7 money making methods ranging from 500k per hour profit to 3.5 million. Only the latest ones! 2016.

3.5 M/H. 80 Firemaking Req - Making Magic pyre logs

Buy magic logs and sacred oil (4) at the grand exchange. You can make materials by yourself, however, it will take a lot more time, so it is faster to buy stuff from other players to maximize your profits. Try to buy logs and oil at the lowest price available. Stand somewhere near bank, take some sacred oil (4) and use with magic logs in the inventory, and you will get magic pyre logs in return. You will sell them easily. We suggest to sell them at maximum available price, it will take some more time, but in the end, you will earn more money. With this money making method you will get roughly 3.5 million per hour profit and also you will get experience in firemaking, not much just 16xp per log.

1.8 M/H - Charging ring of wealth, glories and combat bracelets in the wilderness

This osrs money making method requires some money to invest also you must have to be done heroes quest if you want to charge amulets and rings, legends quest if you want to charge combat bracelets and completion of desert treasure is optimal for teleport. Also you will have to enter wilderness, and there is a risk that you will get killed and loose everything, however, the profits are very high because there are not many enthusiasts to get into such venture. Also, it is possible to acquire eternal amulet of glory during the process. To start buy as much amulet of glories and rings of wealth as possible at a lowest price in GE. Also get some annakarl teleports. At the bank, take a full inventory of ring of wealth's or glories and an annakarl teleport, and put one enchanted glory on you. Use annakarl teleport and head east to the fountain of runes.

fountain of runes

Charge rings or glories and you will receive amulet of glory (6) or ring of wealth (5) then go to level 30 wilderness, teleport to the bank, and repeat. This is one of the most profitable money making methods.

1.5 M/H plus firemaking xp - Making silver keys and looting them

The requirements for this method are Shades of Mort'ton quest done, and some cash to start. You must have some magic logs, sacred oil (4) and fiyr remains for this runescape money making method. Get to the city of Mort’on. At the west, there are some funeral pyres.


To get silver keys you will have to burn magic pyre logs with fiyr remains in the funeral place. There is a slight chance that you won’t get a key, but in most cases, you will get it. Each key cost around 10k gp to make. During the process, you will also get 406 firemaking xp, and 100 prayer experience. Collect as much silver keys as possible. Then go to the shades of Mort’on underground, by entering cave doors. When inside the dungeon, head south and then west to the chests.


You have to open these caskets with silver keys to get profitable items. Chest drops various stuff, but the main profitable item will be an amulet of the dammed. In one trip you will get from one to five amulets. It is calculated that you will earn around 1500k per hour while doing this.

Opening herb boxes

You can start opening herb boxes and you can easily get around 9 million per hour if you do this. The idea is that you need to get around 142500 nightmare zone points, you should get 15 herb boxes and start opening them. This will give you a very good way to generate money, but keep in mind the fact that you are limited to around 15 boxes per day. If you can get more, you can easily do 9 million for sure, so you should keep that in mind as it’s extremely important.

900k/H plus 40k Xp/H of range experience - Killing green dragons with a cannon in wilderness.

So you can guess what is this method is going to be about from the title, and you are right we are going to kill green dragons, but in a little bit more risky, faster and a more profitable way. Firstly we suggest you to seek for an empty world without many people at green dragon spot in the wilderness


so you can maximize profits and continue to make money and train ranging without interruptions. Wear a lower tier armor, take some food, dwarf cannon set and roughly 300 cannon balls with you. Also, you will need games necklace and amulet of glory for teleportation’s, looting bag, to collect additional green dragon hides and dragon bones. When you are ready and have all this stuff in your inventory teleport to corporeal beast cave with games necklace, then take an exit to wilderness.  Head to the green dragons spot, set up your cannon and hide in the woods, hide and wait until dragons are killed. Fill up your cannon from time to time, and collect all the valuable stuff. When you are finished and your inventory is full, just teleport to Edgeville and repeat. In this way you will make roughly one million gp per hour and 40k range xp per hour.

Low requirements 800k/hour - Buying karambwan from a shop

This way of money making in old school RuneScape requires completed the following quests: Tai Bwo Wannai trio and Jungle potion. Also, you must have 30 cooking level, 15 agility level, and 30 firemaking level to be able to earn gold in this way. It is recommended to get a 500k – 1m starting cash. Buy some teleports to Tai Bwo Wannai and a ring of dueling. When you are at the Wannai go to a food store which is located in the south-west building.


See those raw karambwans? That’s right you have to buy them from a shop and sell them at GE for profit. It is possible to buy only ten karambwans at a time. They are very cheap compared with prices in Grand exchange. At the shop they cost only 110 gp, and you will easily sell karambwans for 1k at GE. To add goods in this particular shop are recovering pretty fast, unlike in any other shop! So the concept is to buy food from shop by switching worlds until you have full inventory of fishes, then teleport to castle wars, bank everything and teleport back and repeat.

Killing skeletal wyverns

While you need a high combat skill, this will give you around 500k per hour. Let’s face it, the simple fact that you can kill skeletons for a profit can be insanely fun and addicting, which is exactly what you want to get in the end. It’s rewarding, exciting and incredible to check out due to that reason alone. It will require you to get a lot of potions as you play and there are quite a lot of challenges to overcome in here. It will not be an easy thing to do, but if you have the right approach and focus, the experience will be a very nice one!

osrs moeny making method killing skeletal vywerns

Making dwarf weed potions

Creating these potions will require a little bit of skill and time, but it can be done and the results are very good. It’s a preferred method by many people that want to make money in OSRS and you can make around 400k this way. It’s important to note that you will need dwarf weed and a good herblore experience, but it can be done with the right approach and a good set of ideas. It will not be easy to do though, so don’t expect something extremely easy. This is pretty hard to do and it will certainly come with its own set of challenges for sure.

Smithing steel bars at Blast Furnace

A lot of people consider this a great way to make money in OSRS. It’s extremely easy to do, it doesn’t have a massive impact and you can repeat it whenever you want. It works great, it gives you an incredible experience and at the same time you get up to 200k per hour. It’s a nice value to be had and it shows just how much quality and value you can get from this game. Try it out and you will not regret it for sure.

Buying stuff from Catherby, and selling it

Another good money making method is to Buy stuff from shops all around the RuneScape world and then sell it to other players via grand exchange. Here is a great example about how to make money in this way. At the Catherby there is a fletching supplies shop. The best way to make gold make is to buy all kinds of arrow tips from there. However you won’t be able to make money 24/7 as it is a limited time method. When you will go through worlds and buy arrow tips, they won’t spawn as fast as you go through worlds and buy them, so you will have to do some breaks and then continue. Also, If you switch worlds too often you will get login restriction, so you should buy all items from shop.

Buying food supplies at warriors guild food store, and selling it

For this method you will need a game necklace or combat bracelet to get to the warriors guild. Also you must have combined score of 130 of combat stats to get into there. It is recommended to have at least 200k cash stack. To get started teleport to burthorpe via games necklace or teleport directly with enchanted combat bracelet to the warriors guild. Near bank there is food store go there and inspect items. The most profitable item to buy is plain pizza price in shop: 200 gp, and potato with cheese. You can choose to buy bass and stews because then you will get some additional profit, but you will have to invest a little bit more money to start. Avoid buying trouts, because you wont get any profit of them. So buy stuff from shop by switching worlds, bank everything and repeat until you are satisfied with profit.

Pickpocketing master farmers

Pickpocketing master farmers can be a nice way to make around 90k per hour and it’s certainly one of the most interesting ways to earn money in the game. It’s a lot of fun to do it, you get to explore multiple options and in the end it’s just a pleasant experience overall. If you want to make some good money in OSRS, this is one of the best investments that you can make, so you should totally give it a shot because of that reason alone.

How to buy materials at the lowest price to maximize your profits

No matter what you are going to do, skilling, bossing or pking you should always buy supplies/materials for the lowest price possible. In this way you will always maximize profits by saving money for supplies or materials. If you want to get the lowest price of item, just buy any kind of item for a higher price, and then sell it for -15% of grand exchange suggested price, when item is sold note that the price for which you sold an item it means that this is the price for which you can buy items cheap and fast. So think in advance be ready for anything you are going to do, invest some time by buying items at a lower price.

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1 minute ago, turkoize said:

Well it's around 40 magic logs a minute so x 60 = 2400/hr 

Just checked prices:

Magic pyre = 3634

Magic = 1k

Sacred oil (4) = 2100

so it's 2400 logs/hr @ 534 profit each = 1.28M/hr only req = shades quest. 

i dont even think u need the quest only 80 firemaking but interesting. 


2 minutes ago, ez11 said:

there are only like 1k of them traded per day so its not really a viable method

thats lame ;/

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