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  1. RIP all account buyers.

    1. much99plx


      I was almost close to being one lol.. what a wanker he is

  2. Really..

  3. wowwww lmfaooooo

  4. Quite crazy because I saw this coming as I was thinking in my head yesterday. de-javu?

  5. The greasy twat eventually did the inevitable...:doge:

    1. much99plx


      the tiprat tried to scam me out of 200m 07 for an account too but i was on to the shifty mofo lawl and decode let me know the go at last minute that he was scamming cho0o0o0ob

  6. u should have went with the guy trying to sell his bandos tassets n shit for 1-1.5 per mill
  7. there isnt a picture.
  8. M1tch


    ipbfree forums still a thing?
  9. ill offer $80 usd Paypal, my skype is baccarat748 if u want to discuss
  10. hows those ltc investments goin :kappa:

    1. M1tch


      i pulled out @26$ haha the drop was too scary. let me fk around on ur ironman and go to barrows yo

    2. Zappster


      I have to change the password and it's effort :L  You gunna get back on LTC once it drops more? ETH is doing really decent rn

    3. M1tch


      ill put 1 month mems for free on it for u! and atm im invested in Stellar Lumens and other super low cryptos that are gonna get the 300% spike!

  11. M1tch

    maxed rs3 acc

    who r u tho bro
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