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Weekend botting?


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Get yourself a Private Script from a reputable Scripter, i.e @Eagle Scripts, @Imateamcape, @Chris to name a few. and test it out on a weekend and if they survive the Monday Ban-Wave then you know you can bot more hours.

If using a Premium or Free Script, goodluck by Monday, they will most likely be banned by Monday @8am so mule any profits or liquid resources over to other accounts to save as much profit as possible before ban.

Even with a private script, if said script farms a resource and you know you can survive a ban wave you should still mule your profits quite frequently. Good Luck with the Weekend!

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40 minutes ago, Alek said:

This isn't 1990, they can detect bots without needing to manually walk around the worlds. 

if im not too high now...1 years ago wasn't 1990's. and it's kind of a fact that when they are in office, you get hammered  harder and faster.

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