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  1. thats a oof but not wrong.....
  2. Im playing a HC ironman legit right now. however this is a test account before launching youtube videos on another acc
  3. IT sys admin here, have you tried throwing your PC out of a window into traffic? won't have a java issue if your jailed
  4. god how i hate having to make mass emails
  5. Looking good! to bad some people will shit on your work, by saying what would/have been better, when it's your place. anyways.. looking forward to part 2
  6. I think you have me mistaken. however I did go radio silent through my divorce. but that's life.
  7. I'm glad things are going well @Rxd XD He's definitely going to be competition
  8. Knuckolls


    Great to be back @NakedAlways and forever aaaah suhhhh dude Thank you @Hope we should catch up soon And well you know how the Military Life can be >.<
  9. That's me gratz on Super Moderator however lmfao, however if he wants to be competition then don't knock him for being confident.
  10. yeah well how do you think i feel without my rainbow name?
  11. Knuckolls


    checking back into this forum for a bit.... sup.
  12. were you botting? open and shut case there you go.
  13. ............................................. damn............. congratulations on the new job but damn ;-[
  14. have you tried using shooting your PC with a glock? solved my problems.
  15. gtfo here. don't talk to your elders that way xD
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