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  1. DM me - GuyWithLSD#5924 $$ per hour you should expect to earn while working with me is from 0.5$/h to 1.5$+/h depending on task / amount of accounts / etc. I would expect you to accept bulk orders. I would expect you to work with 2+ acc's at a time & using a VPN is a must! I need a long-term partner. I pay same day order is finished After doing business for a while and gaining trust - upfront payments can happen Bonuses happens on speedy orders I do respect your time - I know Venezuelans situation - No rush, all order are done for me! The difference working for me and working for someone who is offering "Services" is - I do not request deposit. And there is no hassle involved with 3rd party messing up. It's just Me and You doing business with each other - all builds are for my own use! DM me - GuyWithLSD#5924
  2. Discord - GuyWithLSD#5924 I could pay with PayPal too,
  3. i got hcim + im that is WT ready + ~250 cakes. And i got hcim with halos / cw gear. no emails set. pm me if interested.
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