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How do I make my script eat .

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So I took the skeleton from the topic in tutorials and I wanted to know what I have to do to make my bot eat under a certain hp

This is the snippet of code.

    	NPC kurask = npcs.closest("Kurask");
        if(kurask != null){
           if (getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.HITPOINTS) > random(20,getSkills().getStatic(Skill.HITPOINTS)-22)){

Also if you know a formula that works well for calculating what hp to eat at I would love to know.

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36 minutes ago, Prolax said:

- Check if npc is visible

- Check if npc not is null

- Check if myplayer not in combat

- Check if myplayer not interacting

That should be it, just look in the API for the methods.

if(kurask != null && !players.myPlayer().isUnderAttack()||!players.myPlayer().isAnimating()||kurask.isVisible()){

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