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This game is dying & you know it

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Just now, Multi Clanning said:

Toxic people are in any game, and have been in runescape since the start. I agree tho, it's probably worse now than it was in the past.

Idk how long RS will be open, but I think a long time tbh

community is not what it used to be in-game:(

you guys are still awesome though

maybe in the summer there will be a surge in the pk & clan scene

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15 minutes ago, robbie2424 said:

golden age fallacy, toxic people was always in rs

so you deny the fact of the surge in numbers of players who contribute 0 to the community?

golden age my ass, the playerbase was way younger & we actually enjoyed the game & sizeable portion of the players wasnt a sour basement dweller neckbeard but the average lad wanting to waste his time in a joyful way


9 minutes ago, Juggles said:

It's not dying. Lots of money to be made

in comparison with? maybe if you rune a sizeable goldfarm and invest into vps etc, otherwise morcels

i wouldnt do this if i were only in for the money, i make more money playing poker simultaneously while questing LOL

ps: if you discount the fun factor, most of the powerleveling, questing and account making make less than a philippine sexcam slave an hour LOLOLOLOL

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9 minutes ago, IamBot said:

Its been going on since ages.

I believe RS wont die just yet, atleast OSRS wont.

the core playerbase is 20+ we wont have time later on for our beloved game i guess,

ever wondered why do people pay for questing and other services?

i doubt it is only because they hate to gain levels or complete quests

they can afford to pay someone else but cant afford to spend the same time with the game

the aging of the playerbase is slowly suffocating the game, i fail to see why would anyone in their adolescence start this game without the emotional attachment

the chinese owners of jagex MUST invest into an agressive media campaign to attract youngsters

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