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  1. Feel free to contact me on skype. Can get this done
  2. Not worth my time...
  3. I have 5 workers, 3 out of which have worked on multiple pures without any issues, so yes, I can trust em. I dont hire noobs
  4. Can check with a worker Feel free to contact my skype. All my workers have handled every type of pures. So that shouldn't be an issue.
  5. Can get one of my workers on this. I think you already asked me on skype for prices, so do let me know In-case you'd like to order
  6. Is this going to released Publicly? Can't wait to purchase if it is.
  7. We have new @upotudrop Btw Howie its bad imposting others ...
  8. Sent you request on skype. Feel free to discuss.
  9. Can get this done by hand. Feel free to add my skype
  10. Feel free to contact my skype from my signature. can get this done
  11. Nvm, just noticed its for SDMM
  12. Really depends. Like me and uta faced this. I bought account and in less than 24 hours of purchase account was banned. We mutually settled in the end for a 50% refund since we both faced a loss. But I would say that you should mention this under your sale, that you wont be responsible if such thing happens.
  13. Feel free to contact my skype. Can get a worker down to this.
  14. Can contact me for a quote. Feel free to add my skype
  15. Feel free to contact me on skype and we can get you a price on this
  16. Howest might reply a little late because I am also PM'ing Realist since he told him to contact him if it was any emergency.
  17. IamBot

    Need help

    Make a request here: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/334-private-scripts-trials/ or you can contact Private script shops over here: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/334-private-scripts-trials/
  18. IamBot

    Need help

    Highly doubt you'll find good one for free. Try getting a private script.
  19. Can ask workers, have them free. Feel free to contact me @ skype.
  20. IamBot

    Quests needed

    Have worker ready, feel free to PM me.
  21. 12M Can get a worker to grind out ... who has done many such orders. Feel free to contact my skype if you need this done
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