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Why you're not making the gainz you deserve

Master Chief

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In progress, will finish once I'm done thinking about how much I hate my life and should kms


Hello people of OSBot, in this thread I will be discussing potential reasons why you may not be achieving the muscle growth that you deserve. If you don't workout / don't care what I have to say, click off and don't waste your time. I will be discussing the three primary factors of bodybuilding. Most of you may already be familiar with them, but I'm going to go in detail and also provide a few helpful tips you may not yet know. The three factors I will be covering are proper training, sleep and nutrition. While genetics also play a rather large role in your bodybuilding experience, it's something that can't really be changed, and that's all that needs to be said about that topic. 


'Proper training'



     Not much to say here. There's plenty of studies out there that all say getting enough sleep will lead to healthy test levels, and not will lead to low test levels. And I hope I don't need to explain why test is important for muscle growth, let alone the various other health benefits associated with healthy test levels. If you don't know how much sleep you should be getting, look it up, because it varies by age. Although generally I would say minimum 8 hours a day. I shoot for 8-10, but some days I obviously have time conflicts and don't get that.



     If you work out consistently and with a good intensity and are not experiencing the gains you want, this is the first thing you should look at. I thought I was eating enough for the longest time but one day I started tracking my calories. Prior to doing that I always thought I was a 'huge eater' and all that stuff, but soon I realized I actually did need to increase my cals, and once I did, I noticed gains almost extremely fast.

     I'm sure you've heard it a million times, 'eat big to get big' and 'eat like a beast' and plenty of other things just like that. If you haven't you're probably living under a rock. But how many of you ACTUALLY do that? I know there are plenty of days I don't, whether it be I'm too busy, or just don't have that big of an appetite, or whatever. 

     I worked out for over a year and for a huge portion of that time I had always known that people say nutrition is the most important part of your body composition. And I honestly agree, it is. The problem is for an average Joe like most of us, we have lives, we have things to do, we have budgets, we cant control our appetite, ect. It's not practical, convenient, or easy to spend all day eating in your free time and stuffing ourselves full. But at the end of the day, you need to realize that even though everything I just said is true, you have to do it anyway. Yeah there are plenty of tips out there you can follow or you can meal prep or whatever, but one way or another you have to get it done.

     So now I want to share with you guys a few 'tips and tricks' I've used myself to help when it comes to nutrition. Not to mention a simple google search will provide you with so many more!

  • Learn to love rice. Rice is amazing, simple to cook, not messy, can be eaten easily, and has plenty of carbs and calories. At first I would buy the small 60 second microwavable rice cups, and eat 1-2 of them a day. I could find them at any grocery store and they usually aren't much more than 50cents a serving. They're like 200 calories and 40g of carbs, eat it 30 minutes before your workout and you'll get a nice pump too.
  • Olive oil shots ... this isn't for the feeble minded. Anyone who has had olive oil will know it has a very strong taste, let alone a shots worth. But it's pretty self explanatory. Make sure to get extra virgin olive oil. Take a shot here and there when you need to. I have a pretty 'normal' sized shot glass and I calculated 1 shot = ~350 calories. If you're worried about getting diabetes or something because of the high amount of fat, don't be. If you want a link to some actually sources I can give you some, but olive oil contains healthy fats, essential for high test levels, healthy heart, and more. 


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Diet is different for people, for me personally I would eat ~2000-2500 and then increased to 4000 with pjs and loads of chicken, and with increased calories my strength has increased as well as my weight. Its not a problem for me since I can gain/loose weight easily. But when you go back to your 'normal' eating habits its harder to lift as much but you get better definition. Eating big is good as long as you workout and dont gain excessive weight. How do you know if youve gained excessive weight? Well if you go to the gym and people tell you, 'why havent you been going to the gym' instead of 'you got bigger.' Hope this helped.

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