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  1. Eyyy welcome to the anti-scam club :) 

    1. Imagine


      ehhhhhhh could have went about it better

    2. Sofakin


      mmm tell me bout it :/

  2. 120 fb and trying to scam quit? rip.

  3. It was a dumb decision I made and I got a second chance. Get over it.
  4. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/136617-dispute-against-sofakin/
  5. I lost the case therefore I didn't need to pay back anything.
  6. I asked for a second chance and they gave me it. Though, I won't be conducting any businesses around the market for a while.
  7. Chargedback a user through Paypal.
  8. Get it? I'm glad to be back and I'm sorry for what I did. Second chances don't come by very often so I wanna thank @Muffins and his secretary Carlina for helping me out on this. I'm ready to be part of this great community again. Cheers, SofaKin
  9. I can do eth. Add me on Skype or Discord.
  10. Skype: SofaKinKappa Discord: Kappaccino#0287
  11. Now make a semi automatic oak farming script
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