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  1. Looking to get some quests done on my ironman (not hc). I will have all the required items. Let me know your offer - you must be reputable, as I care about this account. dragon slayer 2 monkey madness 2 swan song
  2. Need some quests done on my ironman. I will gather required items first Mournings End part 1 Mournings end part 2 let me know your price in rsgp here are my combat stats
  3. Is this who I think it is?

    1. Master Chief

      Master Chief

      Is this Maruku ?

  4. got a discord i can message you on?
  5. Looking to get a fighter torso on a HCIM , combat stats are 60/62/60 - rune gear and d scim leave your price below, would like to get it tomorrow (i'll pay through my non ironman acc obviously)
  6. are there trials for this ?
  7. Skype me at christianbatman17 or PM me Paypal only
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