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Arcane's Obby Mauler「 Progress log 」November 6th, 2016


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DISCLAMER: Updates might be few and far between depending on how busy I am with life.



Stats at the start of thread (November 5th, 2016) / Current stats (Date)







22 years old male from Belgium. I play football, make cigars for a living and my favorite food is anything chicken related.
I own an xbox one but barely use it #PCMasterRace. Been playing runescape since 2004.
I love questing. These are some of the tracks I enjoy listening to, at the moment. Feel free to ask anything else you want to know. (:


Please check out some of my other threads as well. Thanks!

- Goals (under construction) -
I will make this look prettier in the future but currently my goals are to get 55 slayer and mithril gloves.









Thanks for checking out my log! If you like it, don't forget to post and keep me motivated!

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botted or hand trained agil? curious if thats what you went to do right away


Hand. This was actually an agility project I was working on ages ago but abandoned it at 64 agility. Decided to make an obby mauler after my baby zerker got banned and figured this would be a great starting point. :D


looking good, are you bot free? just got my 70str mauler banned at sand crabs the other day:(


I hadn't touched a bot for about 3 years untill I used a questing script a few days ago and got banned pretty much immediately on my baby zerker. No more bots for me!

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