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OSBot 2.4.88 - New Settings API & Web Walking (A little more crazy)

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Recently I've been trying to fix a whole assortment of web walking related issues, many of which are from links. One of those link related issues was warning messages that went unaccounted for. A while back I wrote some quick and dirty methods to help me create hotfixes; I've now placed them properly into API format. This API is public in the settings class, as I figured scripters may benefit from this in obscure places where either the web-walker doesn't have a link to or where it's otherwise unneeded. I haven't finished the Warning enum and there are still links that need the checks. Thanks to @Khaleesi for helping me create the enum for warnings which were locked for me.


The more fun part of this update which everyone will notice is closing interfaces with the ESC key if you have the setting active in your game profile. This affects all interfaces that use the closeOpenInterface() method; Bank, GrandExchange, Store, Trade, etc. If you don't have this setting active, it will simply fall back on clicking the close button. 



Version 2.4.88 Changelog:

-Removed Settings getBrightness()

-Added Settings Warning enum

-Added Settings isWarningActive(Warning)

--Web Walker Shantay Pass uses this API

-Added Settings escClosesCurrentInterface()

-Widgets closeOpenInterface() uses ESC key if available

--Much of the API such as Bank, GE, Store uses this method

-Patched issue with OSBot passwords that have special characters (thanks @Zach)

-Patched Web link for Varrock/Lumbridge fence (reported by @Imateamcape)

-Added Web link for Varrock Museum



Happy Botting

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