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  1. mirror mode "mirrors" the osrs offical client, so on jagex's end it looks like you are playing on their offical launcher. probably a hell of a lot more too it than that, but im sure someone else can chip in.
  2. Currently having an issue where its not detecting Yew longbows to high alch
  3. plenty of breaks is my best advice, the longer you break the more likelyness your account will survive longer.
  4. Hey guys, recently my osrs/runelite/osbot is blurry asf, https://gyazo.com/e742883970b2e7baf86703af325c69f0 just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this please.
  5. Account still alive? currently starting one myself today!
  6. As the title states, im interested in purchasing med clue scroll accounts. pm below how much gp per account.
  7. who took the top spot for gold selling now alch and rsgoldmine got shut down?
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