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  1. @Token = Yea i'm trying to get the canvas the same size as the rs one.
  2. The fixed client size for osbot is smaller than other clients, e.g runscape client, runelite, etc... I was wondering if it was possible to change the osbot fixed client size without the use of resizable mode.
  3. Sup, I am just wondering if someone could recommend the best framework for me to start with to build a web application I have an idea about. I've been programming in Java for about 6 years now (Current Masters student in CS), and know cpp, python, and etc.. But I never touched web dev stuff really besides maybe a little js and HTML. Thus I am looking for recommendations for frameworks/stacks that I could easily grasp and start taking off with?
  4. Maybe overkill but look up some classes on Foundations of Computer science or Computer theory, specifically topics in regular expressions and finite state automata. If you're like me and like the theory behind CS concepts, that's the specific area that deals with regex. Then move on to language-specific syntax and implementations.
  5. Old picture, curious if anyone could recreate it. Need a black and white (current color)/ and a colored one (Royal purple shield, Blue waves, black/grey rock, tan scroll..). https://imgur.com/a/PGQCF
  6. pats nation, eat a dick
  7. Just finessed an internship at Raytheon for software engineering this summer. From my talk with them, it seems that I will be exclusively be using C/C++. I'm finishing my Junior year in University and I have mainly been using Java and haven't really touched C/C++ in over a year. Was wondering you guys would have some projects that you would recommend that touches on a lot of concepts in C++/C so that I can re-familiarize myself with it before the summer begins.
  8. I only play for a couple of days when I have a break during school, otherwise never.
  9. Problem is, the remove function in a PQ is linear and every time a min get removed, multiple objects get updated in the PQ. Thus many iterations of the whole PQ is needed
  10. So I have a problem where I have a set of objects with two fields. I need to be able to get the min object of the set at a fast time (using a custom comparator). The problem is, when I get the min object set, it changes the fields of some objects in my original set. Thus, the ordering of the set needs to be changed when I am done with the min object. To me it seems obvious to use a priority queue with a custom comparator, the problem is, the Priority Queue in Java doesn't have a change or decrease key operation. I have tried looking for other implementations online for a priority queue that uses a comparator with the decrease key operation but I cannot find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated at to how to approach this problem?
  11. Qubit


    26 m bought fast and cheap
  12. ripppppp. dude you gotta play on those accounts a bit before botting
  13. would be cool if someone could direct me to some information about it.... feel free to send me a pm about it to
  14. can i get 50m or does it have to be all.
  15. In the first statement, you a calling a method that returns a rs2object. In the second statement, you are calling the constructor of the interface, which does not exist because it is an interface.
  16. Your not creating an interface. You are simply treating an object that implements an interface as the interface. Which at the heart is polymorphism.
  17. the only way to do that is with cracked VM image and if I'm developing something I will be marketing I don't want a rat-infested environment.
  18. Need to develop an app for ios and since apple is a bunch of cucks I need an apple device. What would be the cheapest device to get the job done?
  19. you probably don't want to hear it, but the fault is on you.
  20. I don't know how to explain it, you either do a project pertaining to your depth of knowledge in your major or you go to a project site and solve a problem or project they have. https://www.wpi.edu/academics/undergraduate/major-qualifying-project
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