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  1. The nostalgia is understandable. I remember playing pokemon ruby hours on end back in the day.
  2. Very impressive, I've been thinking of making an attempt at a gold farm myself and this was inspiring. Lycka till!
  3. You shouldn't be using switch statements for condition checking. Use else if statements instead. String suitableAxe; if(woodcuttingLevel < 5) { suitableAxe = "Iron axe"; } else if(woodcuttingLevel < 10) { suitableAxe = "Steel axe"; } and so on. Switch statements are useful in certain situations but not here. Read this: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/nutsandbolts/switch.html
  4. You're defining the woodcutting Area inside an if statement and the bank area is inside an else statement. Move both those outside the loop. edit: Not sure if that's gonna solve the whole problem though.
  5. Haven't been able to bot for a while but the account is still alive. Within the next couple of weeks I will try to start working on it again and put up some progress pics.
  6. I’ve reached 99 now. I used bass all the time. The food choice depends on your hp level and also how much ”warm clothes” you have. I’d recommend not being too cheap about it cause bad food just slows everything down.
  7. Made some various gains. I'm getting closer to 99 firemaking which has been a goal for some time now. I also want to point out that these pictures are a couple of days old. That way I can show the stats without having to blur anything out.
  8. For the past month I've lost motivation more and more for scripting and botting as a whole. I feel like I'm stuck doing the same things all over again and not progressing in terms of my programming. I have a couple of ideas of things related to botting I would like to make but I feel like I don't have the skillset required to execute them at the moment. Instead I will be focusing on other Java related things. I've had a really great time here and this is what got me into programming which I'm grateful for. The members of this community are awesome and I want to especially thank @Explv and @Apaec for always helping out with scripting related questions. I doubt I will quit forever so until I'm back, bye. //Jammer
  9. If they deny it they will contact you via mail.
  10. These smartass answers like ”21.44%” are getting old. Just acknowledge the fact that some skills have a high ban rate and say that instead.
  11. I believe it should login automatically after that sleep.
  12. 30m skype: Jammer, or you can shoot me a pm.
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