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Status Updates posted by GoldenGates

  1. link poggers how u buddy

  2. hi buddy how u doin

  3. Hi fren

    1. Swaq


      hey mate, long time no see around these waters. hows life been

    2. GoldenGates


      Getting better making strides good looks we chillin. hbu what you been up to

  4. Wait wut you're still on OSB didn't even notice you were staff lmao. What's up man

    1. Solution


      I've been inactive lately :P But good to see you're back m8! Nothing much tbh, how you been?

    2. GoldenGates


      Not too bad, been playing other games just got into OSRS recently again.

  5. Ares is it possible to talk to you privately regarding a rather 'private/personal' matter?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GoldenGates


      Your PMs are probably full or disabled. That's why I messaged you here.

    3. AresScripts


      Try Ares.OSBot on skype

    4. Essaint


      Hey ares, I've added you aswell on Skype. 

  6. gz on super Asuna. :D

    1. Sky


      Thank you <3

  7. No but really I watched Elfen Lied and it reminded me of you and your old avatar for the past 3 years. (rip) And yea really good show and wanted to say hi lol

    1. Diclonius


      awww. I decided it was time for a change a couple of months ago so I got rid of my old avatar :(. Yeah Elfen Lied is such a good show! You used to script right? How come you aren't doing that anymore?

  8. I watched Elfen Lied, 10/10. Disappointed there is no second season after that unanswered ending though :'(

  9. If you see this message say hi pls. :)

  10. Pls gib SDN Git Access .-. Been 3 weeks...

  11. Better babe?

    1. RoomScape


      No. Gtfo

      You only say something because I said something.

  12. Can't seem to PM you, wanted to join beta for your Slayer.

    1. Khaleesi


      you inbox is full, add me on skype (khaleesi.bot)

  13. oh rip meant to chain comment

  14. 'To Pimp a Butterfly' best album 2016 right?

  15. Buying an acc, paid $30 in MM fees...rip me.

    1. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      arent there a lot of free MM's lmao. $30 wtf

      i'd do it for the small price of $29,99 !

    2. GoldenGates


      10% fees to do the trade, 5% recov check, $18 total, fuck the Canadian dollar, $30...

      It was an OMM

    3. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      10% fees ? damn. what's the recov check lol? checking e-mail linked to acc and checking if the details are as described?

      then again, aren't there are lot of free MM's here

  16. Hi if you see this...I'm saying hi.

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