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  1. how much is a private skele wyvern bot

    1. dragon claw

      dragon claw

      i would also like a trial and what is the ban rate using this script

  2. the enchantment room stands at bank withdrawing and depositing cosmic runes? am i doing something wrong?

    1. Diclonius


      It sounds like you don't have the correct runes/staves in your bank

    2. kb123


      well, i have all the runes and staves in the game. I'm not sure what else to do.

    3. kb123


      i had it set to level 6, level 5 enchant is working.. sorry!

  3. Diclonius

    You probably won't be able to host a mySQL server on the FTP server. I agree with Night, a mySQL server is probably the best solution. You can get a basic web hosting package which will have a mySQL database and run php scripts for $2 a month at loads of places. Alternatively, if you want to stick to your method with an FTP server, it might be a good idea to use a 3rd party ftp library such as apache commons http://commons.apache.org/proper/commons-net/ Another method I used to use was by reading a pastebin text file. I'd just get my script to check the paste every few minutes and if it contained a number and a username, it would go to that world in lummy and trade over all the supplies to the account with that username. I'd do all the trades then edit the paste to be blank again.
  4. Diclonius

    Maybe an exception was being thrown inside the if statement?
  5. Diclonius

    I'm currently in my third year of a 4 year Computer Science degree I don't regret it, firstly student life is pretty damn good. For education, it will probably make it a lot easier to get a job after I graduate. My course has mostly useful content and in third and fourth year we can choose which modules we take so once you learn the core stuff, nearly everything is "useful" because you get to specialize a bit more. By this I mean it's knowledge I want to have rather than knowledge that will actually be applicable in a job. It also depends a lot on your university, for example the average graduate salary for computer science at my uni is 50% greater than the national average. It might not be worth getting a degree from a lesser university since the extra years in industry could raise your wage above that of a graduate. I don't have a job because I'm still a student but I had an internship last summer at a software company and I'm interning there again this summer. At that point I was two years in to my degree. About half of the work they gave me was web development which I was able to do because of stuff I'd been taught during my degree although I could probably self teach most of it. Web development was only covered as 1/24th of my second year. Roughly a quarter of the work was self taught during the internship and the last quarter was self taught knowledge not covered by my degree which I had beforehand. Sorry this post is probably a really big mess. My point is that even though my degree probably helped a lot in me getting the internship and will help a lot in getting a job, it doesn't contribute as much to making me a better worker. This is only my opinion and I don't really have much experience in industry so please take it with a grain of salt.
  6. Diclonius

    I used to play it about 2 years ago. Imo it has a lot of benefits over 07, all skills actually have high level content, there are a million QoL fixes that 07 doesn't have and there's just a fuck ton more content like minigames and quests etc. The massive lore expansion they've done is amazing too, the stories are a lot of fun and well made, the graphics too. Now they've changed the combat system (it's TONS better than when it first came out), I'd say it's a lot better than 07's for training and bossing but worse for PKing. Also the micro transactions are a little annoying but 07 has bonds too and to be fair, the only OP items are the silverhawk boots and spring cleaner. As far as the easyscape thing goes, yeah a lot of skills are faster and require less clicks but in my opinion making a game more tedious and time consuming doesn't make it better or more fun. I came back a couple months ago but I was dumb, botted my nearly maxed main (all skills 99 except 5 95+) and got banned. I was pretty sad that my ban appeal got rejected too.
  7. Diclonius

    I think you're just going to have to buy a proxy for your mule.
  8. Diclonius

    If it doesn't say in the thread then it probably doesn't support CLI
  9. Diclonius

    Got a message today on the runescape website (no email) telling me that my RS3 main isn't getting unbanned.
  10. Diclonius

    I'm 90% sure that this isn't an issue. This because the mouse trail painter works by recording the last 5 or so mouse positions and then drawing a line between them. When you move the mouse off screen the position becomes invalid and so it defaults to 0,0. This means when the mouse moved back onto the screen, the painter thinks that the last few positions of the mouse were at 0,0.
  11. Diclonius

    you did 3 bot so you got 3 ban
  12. Jowseij's worker completed a fire cape for me. Very friendly people and great service, big vouch!
  13. What do you want? Firecape Do you agree with the tos? Yes Do you agree with the price? yes
  14. Diclonius

    Looks good. Since you asked for improvements, you could change the data structures. I think the best solution would be a two HashMaps, one mapping Names to item IDs and one mapping item IDs to price. The performance increase would be negligible in practice but it's better in terms of time complexity for this use case. Even if there are many values, it (almost) always takes the same amount of time to execute put(), contains() and get(). The put() method is roughly equivalent to add(). With an ArrayList, it always takes the same time for add(), but the time it takes to execute contains() is proportional to the number of items in the list. This means if the number of items is very large, then it can take very long time to search through the list.
  15. Diclonius

    I believe he's asking for a method for checking if the inventory contains all items, and possibly any others. This methods checks if the inventory contains all the items and no others.