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  1. link poggers how u buddy

  2. i sell u my name 1000000000000000000m

    1. The Hero of Time

      The Hero of Time

      i like mines better plus im known for this name


    2. Krys
  3. It was a long time ago and I probably didn't deserve it at the time. But yes, I lost it after I went inactive. Also I'm sure the OSD rules have been altered since then. Hahaha. Good to see you're still around Gh0st.
  4. Hey guys, former OSD and CS major returning to OSRS. It's been a while. I doubt many of you will know me or even remember me if you did know me. Regardless, call me Link. I quit OSRS a while back to focus on school. I am returning and hoping to get back into scripting. My knowledge and experience with programming has increased and I hope that you guys can learn to love me again. So while i'm here, can anyone update me on the current status of bans and how Jagex deals with them? How often do bots get banned nowadays? Also, I am looking for an account to play on or maybe even purchase. If anyone has some sweet deals they wanna throw me, I'd be down.
  5. For some reason I just fell in love with a website.
  6. If you wanna be safe, make it on the proxy.
  7. Nezz be like: Let me 1 up Kirito.
  8. setRunning(boolean run) in the method provider
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