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  1. these updates been always an enemy for bot clients
  2. oh man cant wait to see what you will deliver!!!
  3. Im so excited and i cannot hide it
  4. Hey there, botting is now on another level so best if you find experienced people to help ya!
  5. thats super odd. but hey, prime season is runing now and they are banning right to left and i received some 1 month old delay ban
  6. with 2d expired you can expect 5-10mil for that
  7. number 4 ranges from 70 to 100M and number two would sell for 25m - 35 M others have no idea
  8. got account with 73 agility, 56 runecrafting, unregistered level 3 + agility pet but had 2d ban expired if intrested contact me
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